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BYOB and snacks allowed anytime!

Cancellation policy for classes and events:  No refunds, registration transfers, or store credit will be given without 7 days notice before the start date of the class/event. Tickets may be transferred to another participant at any time.  In order to cancel an event, you must receive verbal or written confirmation from our studio.  Refunds, in advance of 7 days notice and with confirmation, are refunded back in the original form of payment.  Summer camp registrations are non-refundable after June 1st.  

Coupon Policy:  Only one coupon per group, per day may be redeemed.  Stacking of coupons is prohibited.  

Outside Firing Policy: We are unable to safely fire any pieces that were not purchased or made in our studio and were not painted with our glazes.  It's important that we know all details about pieces and paints to ensure the safest firing possible.  It's very easy for pieces to explode in the kiln which can wreck an entire load (60+ pieces!).  For this reason, we can not accept any outside pieces/works.  We offer to-go options if you'd like to paint at home with our paints.  We also offer special orders if you'd like us to order a piece into the studio for you.  We can work with Etsy sellers or others to determine if the piece can be safely fired in our kilns.    

Pieces Damaged During Firing Policy: Pottery can have a mind of it's own.  We are unable to guarantee that pieces will be 100% safe during the firing process.  Pieces can have internal cracks which then leads to exploding when fired or other pieces can explode and adhere to your piece. In the event your piece breaks in the kiln, we will offer you a replacement piece (if in stock) or a store credit equal to the price you paid.  At times, paint will not adhere to pieces or may crawl.  This is typically due to heavy paint application.  It is important to follow all instructions and support provided to you while in our studio to ensure your piece will come out as you intended.  When pieces have paint flaws due to application, we will offer you a 10% discount to remake the piece or use on your next visit.  We are unable to provide replacements for paint issues. Hand building and clay wheel produced pieces can explode more easily during our bisque firing due to clay body thickness.  We make no guarantee that any clay built pieces will survive the initial firing process.  If your clay wheel piece broke, we will offer you 25% off a future wheel class or 2 hours of open studio time.  If your hand built piece broke, we will offer you an equivalent amount of clay at a 50% discount to come into the studio and remake the piece on your own.  

Completed Work Pick-up Policy:  We will notify you by text and/or email when your piece is ready for pickup.  All pieces are ALWAYS ready within 14 days.  We will hold your piece for 60 days from the date you came in to paint.  Even if you did not receive notification, pieces are only held for 60 days.  After 60 days pieces are considered orphaned and either donated to local places or put out for customers to adopt.  There are no refunds, credits, or re-dos if you fail to pick up a piece 60 days after you painted it.